Satellite services

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive service to suit your satellite needs, all of which is backed up by our 12 month guarantee on parts and labour.

Moving Home

If you are moving from one property to another, we can remove your current equipment and install it to your new address at a time and location that suits you. If you are moving to a property that already has satellite dish installed we are able to test the dish and connect your receiver(s).

Weather Damage

The weather here in the U.K. can sometimes be severe enough to damage, or move satellite dishes, if this is the case we will assess the damage and either replace or re-align the dish. If the dish was damaged through a weather related incident you may be covered under your home insurance.

New Installations

If you are not currently viewing broadcasts through satellite we are able to advise you through the best way of doing so. we provide installations for Sky, Freesat, AFN, and any other European satellite, including fixed and motorised. All of our installations are as discreet as possible and are fully backed by our 12 month guarantee on all parts supplied and labour. If another engineer states that it is not possible to get a signal due to an obstuction please contact us, we often hear from clients who are told by Sky and other installation companies who make similar claims.

Specialist Installations

We are experts in specialist installations, and bespoke television services. whatever your genre we are able to assist you, any type of sport, or racing, XXX Adult, are some of the services that we offer. One of our growing markets is live sport from other satellites including 3pm kick-offs, contact us with your enquiry, we have solutions.